Fellowship with God William Temple


Published: November 22nd 2013

Kindle Edition

118 pages


Fellowship with God  by  William Temple

Fellowship with God by William Temple
November 22nd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 118 pages | ISBN: | 10.63 Mb

William Temple (1881 – 1944) was a distinguished Anglican churchman, who served as a lecturer of philosophy at Oxford, Headmaster of Repton, Bishop of Manchester, Archbishop of York, and Archbishop of Canterbury, a position earlier held by his father Frederick.This collection, published in 1920, contains the following sermons:I. The Secret of PeaceII. Sacrament and MiracleIII. “Inasmuch”IV. The Essence of IdolatryV.

The Eternal GodVI. All Saints’ DayVII. The ComforterVIII. The Work of the ComforterIX. The Exalted Christ and the Coming of the SpiritX. The Spirit and the WorldXI. The Holy Spirit and the Blessed TrinityXII. God’s Call to the ChurchXIII. PriesthoodXIV. The Christian SacrificeXV. More Than ConquerorsXVI. The Peace of GodXVII. Triumphant SacrificeXVIII. Other WorldlinessXIX. The Philosophy of the IncarnationHowever we may express it, the kernel of Christian experience is what S.

Paul expresses by his repeated phrase In Christ, writes Temple. To problem after problem he applies the same solution. We are in Christ- He has taken possession of us so completely that whatever is true of Him is true of us also. Has He suffered the death-penalty due to sin? Then so have we. Has He risen from that death to life indissoluble? Then so have we. Is He enthroned in the heavenly sphere? Then so are we. We do not have to win our ascent from earth to heaven- it has been won for us.

Our citizenship is in heaven—now. Our part is not to find the way there, but being there, to live worthily of our station.

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